Daily Archives: January 25, 2012

“The Sun-Times, which more closely resembles a 7-Eleven, would love to be thought of as the Trader Joe’s of newspapers, a place that carries limited goods but is proud of everything on its shelves. The Tribune is our Jewel, Chicago’s full-service newspaper supermarket.” — press critic Michael Miner’s observation
* We’re the Tribune, and we endorse this endorsement

“Wherever I was going, I sort of would check the Wi-Fi networks, and more than not, I would find that people are naming them funny things,” founder Alexandra Janelli tells the Daily Northwestern. The 30-year-old Evanston woman’s decision to launch a site about those funny names was panned by many. “People said it’s stupid, it’s dumb. Even my parents said, ‘I don’t get it’ when I started.”
* Evanston resident uses website to chronicle funny router names
* Website delves into depraved names people give their wireless networks
* “Chicago names are much more based on TV shows,” says Janelli
* Visit Alexandra Janelli’s