Trying to get a straight answer from a PR person: Target on ‘SNL’

"Target Lady"

My favorite recurring “Saturday Night Live” sketch features Kristen Wiig as Target Lady, best described by Julia Rubin as “the overenthusiastic cashier you hope you never have to interact with.” (Other Target employees in the sketches are just as dumb and dippy.)

On Monday, I asked the PR team at Minneapolis-based Target what the retailer thinks of the less-than-flattering SNL sketches. Spokeswoman Jessica Carlson responded in a Minnesota Nice fashion via email this morning:

Here’s what I can share with you:

We pride ourselves on our light-hearted and fun voice and we’ve laughed along with audiences at these pop culture references to the Target brand. As they say, “imitation is the highest form of flattery.”

Target has not been in direct contact with SNL regarding these skits.

* “Oh my God, the Target sketches on SNL are so accurate, except…”



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  1. Richard Feyrer said:

    Definately the right answer. Now if more people/companies just had a sense of humor.