‘Repeated catastrophic failures’

My tipster writes: “I got this email as a Washington Post customer, but I am also a former Post employee who supported the awful, buggy, crash-prone Methode CMS. I actually liked Raju Narisetti; however, in light of the recent discussion about his legacy at the Post, this is another brick in the wall.”



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  1. Garry said:

    I received that email & now this one today: “Thank you for your patience with our recent technical problems. We are working to improve and upgrade customization and personalization options to give you the most relevant information at the right time. Please reach out to the Digital Help Center at help.washingtonpost.com if you experience any other technical problems.”

    Ever since the Post redid its site over a year ago, it’s been impossible to find anything there. Items stay on the section page for weeks on end, long after any interest in them has expired. Section headlines are buried far down the page.
    The site is a disaster!