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Tony Grossi

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s ombudsman has weighed in on the reassignment of Browns beat writer Tony Grossi, who got in trouble with his bosses after tweeting that team owner Randy Lerner “is a pathetic figure, the most irrelevant billionaire in the world.” Ted Diadiun writes:

This was not an issue of First Amendment rights or of censorship. Anyone who works at the paper has the right to say, write or Tweet anything they wish. But they do not have a corresponding right to say it in the newspaper or on the website or on their newspaper Twitter account. If they do, the editors who are in charge of maintaining the credibility of the newspaper have the right to change their assignment.

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Former Page Six gossip Paula Froelich — not a fan of my Fox News PR piece — has a series of photos on her Tumblr showing how Fox News anchor Shepard Smith is “disappearing.” “Seriously, I’m worried,” she writes. “My favorite anchor (and I’m not being facetious, he’s actually awesome) is taking this gym thing a bit too far…”
* The Disappearing Shep Smith

“Soon after Patrick Witt ’12 announced his decision to play in The Game, the News received a tip that a Yale student had filed an informal complaint alleging sexual assault against the quarterback,” says a Yale Daily News editor’s note posted at 10:19 p.m. Friday. “In order to be fair to all those involved and the process they had adhered to, and because the nature of the complaint meant that all its details remain allegations, the News chose not to print a story.”
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* Yale Daily News editors sat on Witt story for over two months

Steve Fainaru

Steve Fainaru, who has been with The Bay Citizen since its 2010 launch, announced Friday night that he’s resigning as interim editor-in-chief to work on a book project with his brother, sportswriter Mark Fainaru-Wada.

Fainaru’s exit comes at a time of extreme transition for the nonprofit news organization. In September, the company’s founding editor-in-chief, Jonathan Weber, left the organization for Reuters. The following month, its CEO, Lisa Frazier, announced she would stepping down as chief executive.

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