Missouri journalism school on its social media ambitions: ‘a vital part of life’ at the school

J-School Buzz has been needling Missouri School of Journalism officials for letting a freshman maintain their Facebook page. (“This news was unsettling to us in the fact that, as one of the nation’s top journalism schools, it is not utilizing a great tool in recruiting students to come to Mizzou,” writes J-School Buzz’s editor.)

I asked the school if it wanted to respond. Here’s what Suzette Heiman, a professor and the j-school’s Director of Planning and Communications, tells Romenesko readers:

Social media are a vital part of life at the Missouri School of Journalism. They are incorporated in significant ways into our curriculum and our real-world news outlets, where students learn how to use these tools professionally. Faculty and staff conduct research on social media. They share their professional expertise through numerous Facebook pages, Twitter posts, blogs and the like. The school is establishing a new Web presence. Once we get this behind us, we’ll discuss other ways to use social media.

In the meantime, some of our more entrepreneurial journalism students may create Facebook pages on our behalf. These are owned and maintained by the students, not the school.



  1. wubbly said:

    To any student considering journalism, communications or social networking (gasp!): THESE ARE NOT REAL DEGREES!! It is not worth tens of thousands of dollars and four years of your life studying this garbage. A college degree should confer a relevant credential to a worthy body of knowledge or train your mind to think critically. Journalism/social networking is a vapid, self-serving black hole of pointless drivel spoon fed to suckers. Be bold, Mizzery: Shut yours first!

  2. Sean said:

    Well, someone didn’t get their alumni note printed in a timely fashion.