Tribune’s bankruptcy fees and newsroom budgets

A Romenesko reader writes after reading about Tribune’s $231 million bankruptcy bill: “It would be extremely interesting if you can get an estimate of the total news budgets of the Trib papers to compare to the cost of the lawyers.”

Former Chicago Tribune managing editor and Los Angeles Times editor James O’Shea brings that up in his book, The Deal from Hell. He says the fees in the bankruptcy case will likely top out at more than $300 million before it’s over, and figures that would be enough to run the combined Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune newsrooms for more than a year.

* David Carr: “It’s worth thinking about how many boots on the ground $231 million would buy”



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  1. Dan said:

    And this doesn’t even address the hundreds of millions in revenue that has been lost since dismantling, downsizing and blowing up every paper across the chain.