Dear Newt: You’re so wrong about the media

“Dear Newt: I speak for many colleagues when I say that we in the news media are great fans of your candidacy …You’re the only thing saving us from a long spring of despair, the only person who can, by extending the presidential race, drive up our audience and bring us the revenues we so desperately need.” Signed, Dana Milbank.
* The media [heart] Newt Gingrich



  1. Actually, Dana, you ignorant slut, there are many, MANY, things the media could do to drive up its sorry and ever declining revenue. For one — teeny, tiny, itsy-bitsy — thing it could stop alienating more than half of its potential customer base by printing the kind of wheezing and predictable clap-trap you grind out. But that simple truth seems to be beyond your limited capacity for understanding, isn’t it.

  2. quaju said:

    Ignorant slut? You may not agree with her comment, vanderleun, but calling names like that is pretty appalling.

  3. Ed said:

    Dana Milbank’s a dude. You’re both ignorant.