The story behind Lego Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell

Image by @nprnews

I asked Dave Kaleta what inspired him to build his Lego depictions of Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell, and if they were turned over to the “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me” hosts. He writes back:

I was on a September episode of “Wait Wait” as the limerick contestant. I had previously been to two tapings, and I just love the show. I applied online and got a phone call from a producer who attended the same school I teach at and attended. When I told her about Lego, she said Peter was a really big fan of Lego and had been to the U.S.’s largest convention held in the Chicago area (Brickworld) where I have displayed some of my work.

When I was on the show, we did have a chat about Lego, and the dissected frog, but that didn’t make it to air. Afterwards, I sent Peter an email thanking him and asked if I could build something for him. He invited me at attend a taping, look around, and see if there was anything I wanted to build. I already had an idea (the Cubedude style I built in was conceived by Angus MacLane, who works for Pixar).

My girlfriend and I built [the Lego versions of Sagal/Kasell] together – it only took about an hour and a half – and brought them to the taping where we presented them to Peter and Carl backstage. So, yes, they do belong to Peter and Carl now and the rest of the room was very envious.

* Check out Sagal and Kasell holding their Legos