7 lessons from college paper’s ‘Dumb F*ckers’ slip

The Suffolk Journal at Suffolk University in Boston had had to apologize this week after it published the subhead, “Even we had some dumb fuckers sign up!” Dan Reimold has seven lessons and observations for student journalists to take away from the mistake, including:

Be especially careful with news content late at night. Your brain is moving slower. Your sense of purpose is more likely to be on pause. Your initial instincts will be to passively scan a layout instead of truly proofing it. And your double and triple checkers are probably also punchy, asleep on the backroom couch or already in their twin dorm beds. Snap back into the present and stay focused, line by line, for just a few minutes more.

* Seven lessons from a student newspaper’s slip



  1. Bill Lee said:

    And read it upside down. The struggle will make you see more clearly.

  2. Felix S. said:

    I like this. Well put. I think all of us have horror stories caused by crappy late night decisions or oversights.