NCAA blasts NYT columnist Joe Nocera

Joe Nocera

The NCAA is accusing Joe Nocera of a “month-long, error-laden and questionably motivated mugging in The New York Times.” NCAA director of digital communications Dave Pickle writes:

At what point does somebody with the power to make it stop say this has gotten out of control? The NCAA is not perfect, but there’s plenty of room between being perfect and being the goon squad that Nocera projects.

Here’s the Big Lead’s verdict on the feud:

[Nocera] may be “misguided.” He’s certainly not a fan of the NCAA, but it’s hard to find something Joe Nocera specifically did wrong. If we’re asked to weigh respective conflict of interests, working for the organization involved and writing on a platform provided by said organization shadows an argument far more strongly than being in a relationship to someone with a slender connection and nothing to gain from a specific legal case.

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  1. R Thomas Berner said:

    I’m always prepared to believe the worst about the NCAA.

  2. I am, too. The organization has grown far worse in recent years with its selective punishments, etc.

    Not sure why the Big Lead’s verdict matters, though. Who says it’s hard to find something the writer did specifically wrong? The Big Lead? Sorry, not enough.