Facebook millionaire David Choe talks to Howard Stern

Ramin Talaie/Bloomberg News

Graffiti artist David Choe (left), who took Facebook stock instead of cash for doing murals at the company’s first headquarters, gave his first lengthy interview to Howard Stern this morning. Choe, whose stock will be valued at $200 million or more when Facebook goes public, discussed everything from his masturbation habits to his love for gambling. He also went after the media very early in the interview:

The press is saying all this bullshit, like I’m homeless and whatever. I have a house that I bought for my parents years ago, but for me, I travel nine months out of the year. I’m an artist and when I come home — home right now is Las Vegas. I have a room at every single casino.

I started transcribing the interview, but then recalled that there’s an obessive Stern fan who logs every show. I did a search and found MarksFriggen.com. Here are some excerpts from the site’s David Choe interview summary:

David said he was just out of prison and he went to see the guys at Facebook in Palo Alto. He said that movie [“The Social Network”] was so sensationalized. He said they’re all the coolest, raddest guys out there. He said Zuckerberg is great and he’s been with the same girl since high school. David said he hates Friendster and Myspace and all of that shit. He said they told him about Facebook being social networking for college students. David said he hates everything about that. He said they told him about how big it was getting and he didn’t give a fuck.

David said he was with Mark Zuckerberg recently and he was painting their new headquarters. He did that as a freebie. He said he loves Mark. He said he paints everything and anything in the building. Howard told him to get out in the hall and start painting now. David said he would do anything for Howard too. He said he’s been painting since he fell out of his mother’s womb.

Howard said David took stock in the company. It was $60,000 and that was back in 2005. He said back then Facebook was just a joke. David said that his prices were going higher and higher and he asked for 60 grand. He said they had Sean there and he’s a skinny, nerdy kid and he was nothing like Justin Timberlake. David said this guy told him that he was going to transform himself and he really did it.

Howard said David’s stock is now valued at somewhere between $100 million and $200 million. Howard said some people are saying he’s worth that because of this IPO. David said that if people are grabbing magic numbers like that are wrong. He said it’s “maybe.” He said it could be worth $500 million. Howard asked how many shares he has. David said they split forward and he’s not even sure how many he has. He said that very powerful Jewish people are figuring all of that out for him.

* Read the log from the David Choe interview (note: it’s graphic, with discussion of masturbation, penis size, etc.)