James Fallows: I read WSJ, NYT, WP

James Fallows

James Fallows answered many questions from Reddit visitors this week, including: “What are your daily reads? Do you still flip through a print newspaper?” His response:

Get three real newspapers at home: NYT, WSJ, WaPo. The last is mainly for legacy/sentimental reasons, plus its still-good sports section.

Eric Schmidt, Google bigshot (and friend of mine, by chance, since long before his Google era) had an argument for the virtues of a printed newspaper. He said that he liked the finiteness of it — and the sense that when you got to the end, you could think you were “finished” in a way that you never can be with an online news source. To that I would add the ergonomic superiority of newspaper layout to web page layout. You can glance at a front or inside page an, in half a second, get a sense of the importance and range of stories, in a way you can’t (as easily) with a site.

* I am James Fallows, national correspondent for The Atlantic