‘Survivor’ class is a hit at Northwestern

Northwestern University School of Communication Professor Max Dawson used to joke that he’d someday teach a class on “Survivor.” He tells the Daily Northwestern’s Coco Keevan: “I tweeted incessantly about the show for probably the last five or six seasons, and it became something I was known for among other academics.”

Today his class — “RTVF 330: The Tribe Has Spoken: Surviving TV’s New Reality” — is a hit with students.

The response was overwhelming, with so many students requesting enrollment that the class doubled in size before the start of the quarter. Now, the castaways [in the class] are as diverse as any true season of “Survivor,” composed of the show’s fans, reality television nuts, pop culture apostles and people who didn’t quite know what to expect.

Dawson has been profiled twice in the last few weeks by Northwestern publications. Here is today’s Daily Northwestern piece, and here is the Jan. 25 profile of Dawson and his class in North by Northwestern.