Hartford Courant removes post about ‘losers’ from the ghetto

Bob Englehart/courant.com

On Wednesday, The Hartford Courant took down cartoonist Bob Englehart’s post that said:

Inner-city poor and minority-filled schools aren’t going to change until we can somehow change the pervasive core of the problem: dysfunctional inner-city poor minority families.

Sure, we hear of an occasional winner come out of the ghetto. Movie stars, athletes, business people, we know their stories, but they are the very rare exception. For the most part, losers raise losers. Somehow we’ve got to get to these families and teach them how to respect education. Till then, nothing will change.

Of course, the Internet never forgets, and Englehart’s spiked column can still be read by anyone doing a Google search. New Haven’s mayor and schools superintendent apparently saw the post before it was yanked, as they write in today’s Courant:

We were astounded by the ignorance in cartoonist Bob Englehart’s blog on The Courant’s website on Feb. 8 regarding “inner-city poor and minority-filled schools.” The majority of New Haven Public School students are minorities, and the majority are eligible for free and reduced price lunches, but NONE of our students are losers.

UPDATE: Englehart has apologized for the post.



  1. “…but NONE of our students are losers.”

    Liars and they know it, but what else can they possibly say. Can’t deal in the truth and neither, it seems, can the Courant.

  2. Dave Barnes said:

    As in NOT ONE?
    I am wiling to bet on a Gaussian distribution of winners and losers.

  3. DrexelP said:


    You can do better than leave a journalist hanging out there based on the comments of a politician/official whose ox has been gored. The Courant showed an astounding lack of courage in backing up Englehart, whose body of work shows a long history of sticking up for the underdog. Enlightened minority journalists have written similar commentary this issue. Englehart may have stirred a tempest, but at least he had the courage to point at the naked emperor.

  4. George said:

    People are just “opportunistically” offended.