More on Stephen Bloom’s Iowa essay

The Iowa City Press-Citizen reports University of Iowa journalism professor Stephen Bloom submitted his controversial piece about Iowa life to more than 40 publications before The Atlantic accepted it. He told a colleague: “I even agreed to cut it from 7,500 to 600 words for and after I did, they rejected it. Ha!”
* Stephen Bloom shopped Iowa article around
* Earlier: Bloom contacts Romenesko from “an undisclosed location”



  1. Stephen said:

    It’s hard for a guy like Bloom to come from a state like New Jersey and then go to Iowa. He must find Iowa’s progressive culture jarring. After all he comes from a state that, unlike Iowa, bans Gay Marriage, has higher income inequality, lower rates of education and lower standardized test scores.

  2. Why are we cycling back to this irrelevant POS now? Because he got tired of having the spotlight move off him and decided to pipe up with a boring anecdote about høw he failed to cut 7.500 words to zero? I was sort of hoping he’d report that all those threats against his person he was blathering about back when he squeezed this one out actually came true. But no luck I guess.