Two reviews of Richard Tofel’s e-essay

Richard Tofel’s e-essay, “Why American Newspapers Gave Away the Future,” is recommended by Jeff Jarvis as “it is well-written and researched and smart and reasonable. But then I also urge you to take the assumptions made by the industry and reflected in it and question them.”

Kirk Caraway says Tofel’s essay is “an interesting look back at the short history of online news,” but “that said, I find huge, gaping holes in his conclusion that newspapers screwed up by giving their content away on the web for free, what some refer to as the industry’s “original sin.”

* Jarvis: Sin or Sense
* Caraway: Debunking newspapers’ “Original Sin” excuse
* Read excerpts from Tofel’s e-essay



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  1. Stephen said:

    It’s just not valid to consider any paywalls before 2004 or 2005 in deciding whether paywalls are effective. I am 32 years old and worked with computers my entire life. Even I very very rarely bought anything online until about 2002 or 2003 because i had security concerns or just wasn’t used to the medium. Asking middle aged people in Iowa to whip out a credit card back then was totally out of the question. The fundamentals of the economics are unrecognizable from even 4 years ago. Thus, neither essay nor rebuttle should be considered. It is a clean slate.