College sports editor on her ESPN tweet

“I have hardly 250 Twitter followers,” writes Daily Pennsylvanian sports editor Megan Soisson, “and as shocked and appalled as I was to see a legitimate option such as that from a respectable media outlet, I never thought or expected my tweet to reach as many people as it did. …Over the course of the next 24 hours, my story – or rather, my tweet [about ESPN] – gained serious ground. My Twitter fame increased instantly, as I began to fear I was a one-tweet wonder.”

* ESPN opinion category offers a sexist option



  1. AlexandriaAnn said:

    But wait. Where did the headline in quotes come from: “It’s not that I’m a feminist”? Clearly, more journalists need to be….

  2. Jason T. said:

    Alexandria: My thought exactly. It’s a quote from her article — the start of the 14th graf.

    “Feminism: (1895) The theory or practice of those who advocate such legal and social changes as will establish political, economic, and social equality of the sexes; organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.”

    What part of that does she disagree with?

  3. Jim said:

    Lousy hed, I agree. I’ve changed it.