Kid Rock blasts Detroit paper’s clothing line probe

Detroit Free Press columnist Susan Tompor angered Kid Rock with her investigation of his “Made in Detroit” clothing line. She wrote a week ago:

I found a Made in Detroit shirt, selling for $40, with a label that said it was made in the Dominican Republic.

When I took a ride to Incognito in downtown Royal Oak, I found a Made in Detroit baby onesie priced at $22 and made in India. And I saw a toddler Made in Detroit pink shirt priced at $18 made in Honduras.

Kid Rock tells Tompor — after he advises her to go F herself — that “we have NEVER laid claim to our items actually being made in Detroit,” and that “as a result of your article and the lack of respect from not only you but from your editors, The Detroit Free Press is on my shit list and my subscription has been canceled.”

We, like most brands in America, use some products that are not created in America. That doesn’t mean we can’t do better. We’re trying to move away from those products while still keeping our prices affordable and keeping us and the stores that depend on us in business.

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  1. R Thomas Berner said:

    And he didn’t really mean that the reporter should go f___ herself. ;-)