‘Too many news organizations are holding back’

“In this environment, too many news organizations are holding back, out of fear — fear that we will be saddled with an uncomfortable political label, fear that we will be accused of bias, fear that we will be portrayed as negative, fear that we will lose customers, fear that advertisers will run from us, fear that we will be assailed as anti-this or anti-that, fear that we will offend someone, anyone.” — Boston Globe editor Marty Baron
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  1. wubbly said:

    It’s about time. The election coverage of the Obama McCain race should go down in history as the worst ever. The coverage was so biased and distorted as appearing to be almost led by the candidate. Every effort was made to couch the election’s outcome in historic terms (read: inevitable) while ignoring all the warts and even most basic reporting. Where are those academic records that all other candidates before The One had to provide the media? Answer: Move On.

  2. Dan said:

    Um, I think you might have missed the point of this speech entirely, wubbly. The man is decrying the fact that newspapers are actually afraid of people like you, which has made them unreadable and dispensable.

  3. wubbly said:

    Quite so. The market should punish them for failure then. The damage done to the reputations of “distinguished” orgs that perpetuated the myth of inevitability cost them dearly. Journos need to bravely report the truth without fear or favor. The latter was notable in the unflagging bias toward Mr. Obama in the 2008 campaign.

  4. Dan said:

    Yeah, you’re still not getting it, at all. I’m even less surprised by this, having just watched a video of Victoria Jackson being interviewed at CPAC.