Get ready to pay for power in public places

The Verge reports Sony is developing power outlet technology that determines a user’s identity or permissions, and could be used to make people pay for the power they use in public places. Travelers could soon be paying for both WiFi and to keep their laptop charged, notes Engadget, but “perhaps being able to charge for a charge will convince New York City Starbucks to give us our outlets back.”
* Sony developing authenticating power outlets; pay-to-charge on the way?
* Sony prepping power outlet that demands payment, identification
* Starbucks confirms it’s covering power outlets at some stores



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  1. Bill Reader said:

    That’s not a terrible idea, so long as there is some regulation via state PUC’s to prevent price gouging. The highway-robbery of pay-as-you-go WiFi in hotels and airports is simply criminal, and of course that kind of gouging would be common with pay-as-you-go juice.