Morning tweets

What I tweeted this morning to @romenesko followers:
* The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening donates $500,000 to UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
* Glenn Garvin: Deep Throat’s leaks “were often either carelessly inaccurate or maliciously false”
* AP files lawsuit against Meltwater News, says it uses unlicensed AP content to compete against AP
* A conservative journalist explains his “eBay of investigative journalism” idea
* Aaron Kushner fails to acquire MaineToday Media
* Hearst to make many of its magazines on Kindle Fire shoppable by linking products to
* In a poll of conservatives, 70% say Fox News has moved left. (“Casual viewers might barely notice”)
* WSJ reports Apple is working with suppliers in Asia to test a new tablet with an 8-inch screen