College editor: I’m disappointed readers don’t understand satire

Kelli Ponce, editor of the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse student paper, says a recently published piece “created a bit of turmoil, some backlash and angered some. But, I bet many thought or talked about it.” She doesn’t say which story caused the fuss — apparently everyone on campus already knows — but it appears to be the one headlined, “College girls love this column: A bro’s guide to gift giving.”

The Racquet’s editor-in-chief writes:

I wanted to provoke students to speak up about issues that enraged or excited them. Well, this article finally did it. I’m just saddened that the community hasn’t understood the satire within the column and has turned their backs to such a useful source. ….

Despite the fact that these [angry] comments all explicate the passion and disarray amongst the student body, I am not bothered or angry with any single person. I knew a response similar to this would present itself, but the situation was taken to another level when blatant animosity was expressed entirely toward The Racquet as a whole. Even professors exhibited this unprofessional behavior, and I need not mention names as I am sure you know who you are! Paying disrespect to The Racquet editors during class lectures, well, I guess we made you think as well.

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  1. fermata said:

    Perhaps the weak execution is to blame for the response. Satire or not, it’s just dumb and poorly written. Ditto for the editor’s response. Honestly, this stuff is barely literate, despite the forced use of fancy words like “explicate.”