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I emailed Bob Ryan earlier this morning after reading about his upcoming retirement. I asked the Boston Globe columnnist about his decision and what’s going on with his Twitter account. He tells Romenesko readers:

[Any tweeting] you see under my name is bogus. I have never tweeted, and honestly don’t know how. I have been plotting this for at least two years. It’s simply time. But there will be an after-life of some sort. I’m trying to piece it together now. The only thing I’m ruling out is writing in direct competition with the globe. I won’t do that.

Bob Ryan

Wesley Lowery has Storified yesterday’s #ASNEchat for young journalists about social media and the future of journalism. “I’m picking journalism in this time of uncertainty because it is an opp to explore new ways to do journalism with changing tech,” tweeted Andrew Knight. (It’s interesting to compare the young journalists’ enthusiasm with 65-year-old Bob Ryan’s feelings about the new world of journalism.)

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Why is award-winning sports columnist Bob Ryan retiring from the Boston Globe? He tells his paper that “I’ve accomplished everything I’ve ever dreamed of accomplishing [and] I’m just ready to step aside.”

The 65-year-old journalist tells a different story in a podcast:

I really and truly believe that my time has come and gone, that the dynamics of the business, of what it takes to be involved in the business with all the tweeting and the blogging and that stuff, with an audience with a different taste … I’m not comfortable — it’s not me any more. || Listen to the podcast

In fact, @GlobeBobRyan doesn’t show much enthusiasm for tweeting: “Robo-tweets,” it says on Ryan’s bio line. (He only follows eight people.)

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John Koblin reports the gap between glossies WSJ. and NYT’s T remains significant: T, which published 15 times last year, finished 2011 with 1,087 ad pages, while WSJ. — published nine times — had just 383. “But [Rupert] Murdoch’s team is beginning to feel some momentum and sensing an opportunity.” | WSJ. and NYT’s T: The rivalry is on

McCarren confronts a store owner

WUSA-TV reporter Andrea McCarren let a colleague do the D.C. station’s latest report on teen drinking and drug use after her two teenage children were harassed at school and on Facebook for her earlier stories, reports Paul Farhi. “My kids were targeted,” McCarren says. “That’s where I draw the line.” One Facebook post warned:

You can’t try and take away something that teens love without retaliation. Haven’t you ever heard of teenage rebellion? Teens love to drink and I’m sure they’ll be laughing it up about your report while they party tonight.

WUSA’s news director says McCarren will continue to report on underage drinking and drug use but won’t appear in stories that might bring threats to her family.

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* McCarren confronts store owner after seeing him sell booze to teens