Ted Leonsis: I stand corrected

Ted Leonsis

Washington Wizards owner and former AOL president Ted Leonsis complained in a blog post this morning that “it appears no local Wizards blogger stayed up late and wrote about the [Wizards vs. Trail Blazers] game in real time.” (He says he got up at 5:30 a.m. and didn’t see the final score on any blogs.) The team owner added: “I am sure they will do a good job later today; but without NBC local and the Post – I wouldn’t have the data that I wanted and needed. Thank goodness for professional media in this regard.”

Then SB Nation Wizards blogger Mike Prada corrected Leonsis: there was a 12:58 a.m. SB Nation post with the game results.

A short time later, Leonsis — a self-described “big investor” in SB Nation — put up a two-sentence “I stand corrected” post. “I apologize for missing this timestamp and feed,” he wrote.

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