Today’s tweets

What I tweeted today to @romenesko followers:
* AJR editor: “Disappointing, not to say baffling, that PolitiFact screwed up so badly this time”
* Will Leitch collected a “massive amount” of baseball cards from ’82 to ’88, then ended up burning them
* NYT legally reprints famous 1976 Boston Real Paper story, “Death and Football” by Clark Booth
* Roger Ailes wants it known that he’s the one who sicced dogs on former Democratic Sen. Huddleston in ’84
* Marquette alum Chris Farley was born on Feb 15, 1964. Here’s a ’93 photo addressing grads
* New York Daily News is very Catholic/Timothy Dolan-friendly under “devout” editor Colin Myler
* National Society of Newspaper Columnists names scholarship program after Jeffrey Zaslow
* Jeffrey Kaye, who recently joined Current as senior editor, dies of heart attack at 57
* Hollywood Reporter, Billboard make their content available for use on digital platforms to AP customers
* Layoffs expected at Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News; union meets with management at 4 p.m.
* Patch president: “We’re not losing money, we’re investing. We’re not struggling & we’re not a turnaround”
* Chris Matthews claims media are rooting for Santorum so it looks like there’s still a hot race