From feel-good story subject to bank robbery suspect

Barnes (Pittsburgh police photo)

Hot dog shop owner Captain Barnes was written up in the Dormont-Brookline Patch on Feb. 14 as a feel-good Valentine’s Day feature subject.

He was in the Dormont-Brookline Patch again on Feb. 15 — but this time as a bank robbery suspect. (There’s no mention in the story that he was profiled on the site a day earlier.)

Barnes is accused of robbing a bank the day before the Valentine’s Day feature was posted. (Dormont-Brookline Patch editor Erin Faulk tells me she interviewed him on Feb. 7.)

* “The first thing he said was he was doing this for his kids,” says man who tackled Barnes.



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  1. John Milton Wesley said:

    Now some stories leave you speechless, and for me this is one of them!!