Philly papers, website to share news coverage

The above tweet from Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Amy Rosenberg refers to a Thursday newsroom meeting that editor Wendy Warren wanted declared off the record. The “heartfelt apology” came from Inquirer editor Stan Wischnowski.

Staffers from, Philadelphia Inquirer and the Daily News were told yesterday that they’ll soon be sharing some news coverage. “The shift from all-out competition to coordinated cooperation is very much a work in progress, with many details to be worked out,” writes Mike Armstrong.


Thursday night, journalists at the newspapers began circulating a statement, asking their colleagues to sign on in support of news “gathered and printed without fear or favor” and demanding that new PMN owners “guarantee that the integrity of our reporting will never be sacrificed to serve their private or political interests.”

I’m told that the union plans to run the petition in the papers as an ad.

* Philly papers, website to begin sharing some news coverage