No CNC, Sun-Times deal ‘at the moment’

It was reported late Friday that the nonprofit Chicago News Cooperative (CNC) is closing shop on Feb. 26, but that editor James O’Shea is talking to the Chicago Sun-Times about a possible partnership. Veteran Chicago media observer Michael Miner writes:

Though CNC employees are now looking for work, I understand that O’Shea hopes a reconstituted CNC can continue. The name commands respect and the brand surely has value. Early and Often, a paid-content political feature launched on the CNC website to monitor last year’s city elections, showed CNC that people will pay good money for tightly focused good reporting.

Miner notes that CNC has suffered “from a lack of development muscle,” and that its journalists — many of them former Tribune staffers, including James Warren — are “not much for shaking apples out of trees.”

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