1. Dan said:

    He’s 100 percent right.

    When it’s all said and done, the coroner’s report will read . . . SUICIDE.

  2. pelham said:

    This character blows hard on a regular basis, but it’s unclear whether he understands the first thing about journalism, which is curiously absent from his usual spew.

    Yes, he certainly thunders like the Bean Counters’ Messiah. Still, you wonder. What is it about journalists and journalism that so DEEPLY troubles this silver-tongued but clearly disturbed man?

    Personally, I think it’s a show. It’s a way to ingratiate himself with the corporate side and make a big name for John Paton — and maybe even make some money for for the sad, drained and misshapen hulks under his care that used to be newspapers. But he’s certainly no savior of journalism.

  3. duard said:

    Traffic is nice, but what’s your profit per unique? I agree that “you’ll miss us when we’re gone,” is not a business model but trading print dollars for digital dimes won’t work either.

  4. Stephen said:

    Paton has all the look of a huckster. By the way, I see that all of the paywalls that the previous execs put up are still up, even though Paton swore HE KNEW paywalls werent the answer. But those paywalls are beating the hell out of your $1 CPM online ads arent they, John?

  5. Stephen said:

    I just looked up ‘huckster’ and the nuance is a good deal meaner than I intended. I mean more a pitchman, in this case for a cause…digital first.