Morning report

* Fired ESPN staffer says “Chink” headline “had nothing to do with me being cute or punny”

* Winners of George Polk Awards include This American Life, Patriot-News reporter Sara Ganim, who covered Penn State scandal

* Stephen Colbert returns to “Colbert Report” Monday after family emergency sidelines him

* LA Weekly opens the wallet to keep Pulitzer-winning food writer Jonathan Gold from jumping to LAT

* Will Bunch to Philly papers’ next owners: Killing the Daily News is a dumb business decision

* Carr on Lin: It’s bad manners to clap in the press box, but that doesn’t mean reporters can’t root for an amazing story

* How NY mag’s TV critic does “father-daughter bonding through drug-related violence”

* Forbes repackages NYT’s “How Companies Learn Your Secrets” and gets 680,000 page views



  1. Bill Reader said:

    ESPN should be more ashamed and embarrassed for firing the staffer than for the original gaffe. His mea culpa seems sincere and certainly credible, and he has paid for his (unwitting, it seems) offense.

    The “rush to fire” employees is not good management. There are many much more ethical and humane ways to deal with personnel issues than to terminate the person.

  2. Gary Thomas said:

    ESPN did overreact. I’m 50, and I think that term hasn’t been used since my father’s generation. Let the guy apologize and then go back to work.