AP unveils new logo

“We have world-class content and world-class products and now we have the world-class look to go with them,” said Tom Curley, AP president and CEO. “This new look, from logo to color system, translates to AP’s growing portfolio of digital products and platforms, and distinctively relays our role as the definitive source for news.”

* The Associated Press introduces new logo and look



  1. Bill Reader said:

    Nothing says “mid-life crisis” like an obsession with adopting a new “look.”

    Some rebranding and redesign efforts turn out to be worth the high price. I don’t think this one is such an example.

  2. “Mid-life crisis”? AP is more is like a Botoxed Helen Thomas/Mike Wallace sauntering around the beach in a skimpy swimsuit.

  3. Doug said:

    I’m glad they didn’t change the “disconnected” motif. Those little font gaps are big metaphors.