Morning report

Recent tweets to @romenesko followers:
* Pope to tweet one message a day for 40 days of Lent

* Santa Barbara News-Press owner Wendy McCaw owes ex-editor Jerry Roberts $900K for what she’s put him through

* Four papers win “Grand Slam” honors in Associated Press Sports Editors’ contest

* Chicago Tribune Facebook page flooded by comment flash mob

* People’s Whitney Houston issue sells 1.5 million copies; OK mag goes with Pitt/Jolie cover and sells 250,000 copies

* Seattle Times puts two full blocks up for sale

* Silicon Valley bloggers hit up VCs for angel funds

* University of Florida editors claim student government official dumped newspapers on eve of election

* FBI confiscates Portland blogger’s computers, accuses him of posting death threats against Sheriff Arpaio

* Google to start selling eyeglasses that project information, entertainment and ads onto the lenses

* The 2012 National City and Regional Magazine Awards finalists have been named