High school won’t publish atheist student’s editorial

Krystal Myers/Knoxville News Sentinel

Lenoir City High School won’t let school newspaper editor, honors student and atheist Krystal Myers, 18, run her editorial in the student paper. The Tennessee school says Myers’ piece, “No Rights: The Life of an Atheist,” has the potential for disruption in the school.

Here are a few passages:

On at least two separate occasions, teachers have made their religious preferences known to basically the whole school. One teacher has made her religious preferences known by wearing t-shirt depicting the crucifix while performing her duties as a public employee. …One teacher has Bible verses occasionally as the teacher’s “Quote of the Day” for students.

Public prayer also occurs at all of the home football games using the public address system. This has, again, been covered by the Supreme Court case Santa Fe Independent School District v. Doe. The Court ruled that school-sponsored prayer is an unconstitutional violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

* High school won’t publish atheist student’s editorial

* Read Krystal Myers’ “No Rights: The Life of an Atheist”



  1. Too bad somebody in her vast educational experience didn’t teach her how to read and parse the Establishment clause.

  2. a lawyer said:


    not sure what point you’re trying make since the kid is absolutely right.

  3. Will said:

    Criticism of the school’s leadership is “disruption?”

    If it’s like the vast majority of high school papers, her column would have made a nice change from the unending cycle of “abortion should be illegal” columns that populate the opinion page.

  4. Bill Reader said:

    Will — Welcome to the age of the Roberts Court, which is systematically unravelling a century of First Amendment advancements, one 5-4 ruling at a time … .

  5. James Craven said:

    One must wonder if they deny the right of an athiest to make a intellecutal case, would they also deny a Muslim, Jew, or Buddhist their moment on the soapbox. It is unfortunate that the school officials think their students unable to accept, or debate, a different viewpoint in a calm and logical way.

  6. Dan Fitzpatrick said:

    She wins. By quashing her editorial, the school has given her views exponentially more exposure than they would have gotten in the school newspaper! Instead she gets a platform in the “real” newspaper. Good for her.

  7. JT said:

    Good point Dan.