Oklahoma student paper says Press+ ‘a success’

In December of 2010, Steve Brill and Gordon Crovitz announced that Oklahoma State University’s Daily O’Collegian would be the first college newspaper to use their Press+ program. They explained: “The paper will collect a small fee from online readers who are outside the school’s immediate geographic area and who do not use an email address with an .edu affiliation and who read the paper online more than three times a month.”

So how’s that going?

Here’s what Daily O’Collegian general manager Ray Catalino tells Romenesko readers:

We are very happy with Press+ and think the program has been a success. I set a goal of 100 paid subscribers the first year, and we just passed 150 last week. We started in early March last year.

Subscribers who bought in at $10 per year can continue to renew at that rate. In March, new subscribers will have to pay $15 per year, which is still very inexpensive in my mind.

We allow all <.edu> subscribers free access, since we want our OSU students to get the online version for free. We also want local residents and businesses to be able to access the site for free, so anyone accessing within a 25 mile radius of campus is not charged. Outside of those two areas, others get three free clicks per month, and then a pop-up window appears asking them to subscribe via credit card.

By the way, paidContent reported Friday on the millions that Brill and Crovitz made when they sold Journalism Online/Press+ to RR Donnelley. A recent 10-K filing puts the deal value at $35 million, reports Staci Kramer.