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“We hate quotations at Slate. We almost never use quotes. They don’t do anything. They waste the readers’ time. Only use quotes when you can’t say it better yourself.”

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Washington Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli calls the just-released politics app a “rich and engaging new way to following the 2012 presidential election campaign, with the latest breaking news and images, most informed analysis and deepest polling data, a constantly updated library of TV ads, and an incredible range of historical data, dating all the way back to the first U.S. presidential election.” While some app content is free, access to all material costs $2.99 a month.

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Over the weekend, the Madison Capital Times ran a story based on a fake news release that said Rep. Paul Ryan and other Wisconsin Republicans were demanding that the Smithsonian take Wisconsin protest posters out of its archives.

I contacted Mike Konopacki, who created the fake release, and he sent this note, along with a copy of the release that briefly fooled a Capital Times veteran.

Mike Konopacki

Hi Jim, here’s the e-mail I sent John Nichols. This was meant to be a joke among friends but John took it seriously. I have since patched things up with the Capital Times.

As someone who makes his living with parody and satire this seemed a natural. Our state is getting so repressive we have to do something.

Mike Konopacki
Huck/Konopacki Labor Cartoons

Konopacki’s “Sorry I Punked You” email to Capital Times staffer John Nichols:

From: Mike Konopacki
Subject: Re: hey mike
Date: February 25, 2012 12:27:05 PM CST
To: John Nichols
Bcc: Mike Konopacki

Hi John, I have to confess, I made up that press release. No press release would be sent on a Saturday (2/25).

I wanted to point out the hypocrisy between allowing Wisconsin protest art in the Smithsonian but not at the Pyle Center. I downloaded a PDF of a Nass press release and made up my own with the template (fun with Photoshop).

The quotes are real, they were mostly made by Mike Mikalsen as quoted in the Capital Times and The Progressive.

Sorry I punked you. I was just trying to have a little subversive fun. Attached is one with Friday’s date and I cleaned up some of the typos.

Mike Konopacki
Huck/Konopacki Labor Cartoons