Teen sports journalist is a media star

Curt Hogg

Sixteen-year-old sports journalist Curt Hogg reported on Feb. 14 that Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun’s drug test was mishandled, thus likely altering the results.

On Feb. 23, all other sports media reported that an independent arbitrator ruled that Braun’s urine sample wasn’t adequately secured.

Hogg, a Brown Deer (Wis.) High school junior, has been bombarded with interview requests since news of his scoop circulated online.

“It’s all been crazy,” he said in a Sunday afternoon phone interview.

He’s been interviewed by Milwaukee TV stations, ESPN radio, Deadspin, The Daily, and other news outlets.

What has the young journalists learned from all of this media exposure? He thinks for a few seconds, then says, “I know what it’s like to be interviewed. I think it’s a been good, mostly positive.”

He tells Romenesko readers about his interest in journalism:

* He got his start in 7th grade, when he learned about Bleacher Report and signed up.

Curt Hogg's Feb. 14 scoop

* He joined his high school newspaper staff when he was a freshman, and has been editor-in-chief since his sophomore year.

* He also publishes his own newspaper called The Cheesehead. “I print off 50 copies and hand them out. It’s four pages and usually covers Wisconsin sports.

* He spends about an hour a day working on his Plushdamentals MLBlogs Network site, while maintaining a near straight-A average at school.

* He started tweeting (@curtknowsbest) in 2010. He had about 200 followers last Thursday; he now has 548.

* He reads Deadspin, and “I really like the writing on CBS Sports.” He quickly adds: “Sometimes ESPN can have some good stuff.”

* He plans to study journalism at either the University of Wisconsin in Madison, or University of Missouri.

* His dream job: “Being on the beat for an MLB team, or writing for Sports Illustrated would be incredible.”