In the year 2020

A new Elon University-Pew Internet survey includes predictions about the teens-to-20s age group in 2020. Here’s a bleak one:

Young people accustomed to a diet of quick-fix information nuggets will be less likely to undertake deep, critical analysis of issues and challenging information. Shallow choices, an expectation of instant gratification, a lack of patience, are likely to be common results. One possible outcome is stagnation in innovation.

* Imaging the Internet



  1. Better headline: Old people will continue to underestimate young people. The sky will remain blue.

  2. Trevor Butterworth said:

    Or how about old people will continue to overestimate young people? Some of the predictions made by experts in this survey are embarrassing. And based on the past performance of expert prediction about the future, no more likely to be accurate than a dart throwing chimpanzee.

  3. Dan said:

    Really. I’ve seen enough witless newsroom maneuvers to appeal to youth to know that they fail, miserably, 100 percent of the time. If newspapers tried to simply appeal to smart, engaged people of all ages, they’d be in better shape.