Pittsburgh paper mum on alleged ‘rampage’ error

UPDATE: The Tribune-Review says in Wednesday’s paper that “questions emerged on Tuesday about the authenticity of the photos” that it used on the front page yesterday, and that “the newspaper will continue to pursue the origin and legitimacy of the Twitter account” that posted the photos.

“We have nothing to say at this point.”
That’s what Pittsburgh Tribune-Review managing editor James Cuddy told me Tuesday afternoon after I asked about his paper’s front-page “rampage suspect” photos (shown here) that Cleveland Scene says are not of the suspect. I called Cuddy after metro editor Dave Conti failed to respond to my phone call and email from this morning.
* This is not the school shooter, says Cleveland Scene



  1. “Conti failed to respond”—no benefit of the doubt here. How about “Conti did not respond”? Y’know—in case he’s out sick? Or…busy? It happens.

  2. Jim said:

    Todd — I know for a fact that he responded to another news outlet’s inquiry about this.

  3. Fair enough. It seemed out of character for you to phrase it that way— should’ve guessed you had your reasons.

  4. Gary Thomas said:

    Saying nothing says a lot. Hiding is never good PR.