Morning report

* Big Government site reports Andrew Breitbart died early this morning from natural causes. (Big Government)

* “LA coroner’s office confirms to ABC News Radio that Breitbart died shortly after midnight at UCLA Medical Center.” (@jaketapper)

* Bill Simmons has first-ever podcast with a sitting U.S. president. (Grantland)

* Yahoo Sports’ Tim Brown: “I still can’t figure out if I’m always on deadline or never on deadline.” (The Big Lead)

* When will social media elect a president? (Wall Street Journal)

* Ouch! Newspaper ad revenue adjusted for inflation, 1950-2011 (

* Seattle Times: “We have been and continue to pay attention to paywalls and metered content models.” (

* “I think my son feels very comfortable wherever he is,” says Judea Pearl (Los Angeles Times)

* Facebook ads get new placements (



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  1. Nate Gibbons said:

    Obama did this, along with Hilary Clinton, funded by the Trilateral Commission. An investigation is demanded immediately.