Rave reviews for Guardian ad

Praise for the Guardian’s “Three Little Pigs” ad came quickly after I tweeted a link to it last night: “Fantastic,” “Brilliant,” and “So Awesome” were some of the reactions.

Adweek says “Three Little Pigs” — its Ad of the Day — “has delivered one of the most bracingly, brilliantly relevant ads of 2012 so far.”

The ad’s conceit is wonderful—imagining how the modern news media would cover the story of the Three Little Pigs boiling the Big Bad Wolf. Playing out like a docudrama, it begins with swat police storming the pigs’ house and taking them into custody. As news of the incident spreads, the familiar fevered 24/7 information cycle takes hold, as journalists and citizens investigate and analyze the swirl of facts, conjecture and opinion about the case.

The multimedia wash of information is expertly presented and visually stunning—from tweets and YouTube videos to a particularly wonderful segment with the Guardian website presenting a computerized “Huff and Puff” simulation to determine whether the wolf could have blown two of the pigs’ houses down in the first place, as he’s accused of doing.

I asked Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger who came up with the idea. He emails: “David Kolbusz, creative director at the ad agency BBH, wrote the script. He was able to interpret what we were doing and wanting to say. And he found the director for the film, Ringan Ledwidge.”

* Watch the “Three Little Pigs” ad