Mom: Shame on j-prof and student paper!

The mother of the DePauw student whose arrest records were used in an Investigative Reporting Techniques class says in a letter to The DePauw that “it appears to me that [journalism professor] Mark Tatge wanted to create news – he wanted an academic freedom discussion, he wanted The DePauw to print a controversial story, he wanted to highlight the drinking problem on campus, he wanted to make himself the center of a story – and he didn’t care if a student or the university was damaged.” Betsy Stephens adds:

There is lesson here – it’s about people in power using information on people they influence in a negative light publicly – socially it’s called bullying, in the corporate world it’s called harassment. Usually these offenses are shunned and punished. I guess at DePauw it gets you article in the paper. Shame on Mark Tatge and shame on The DePauw for printing it.

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  1. R Thomas Berner said:

    Give me a break, mom.