ProFlowers hears from Rush critics on Twitter

ProFlowers’ Twitter stream is filled with responses to complaints about the florist running ads on Rush Limbaugh’s show. “We heard about the comments and we will reevaluate our marketing plan,” reads one tweet. @SleepTrain has responded to complaints, too, on Twitter.

* Sleep Train pulls Limbaugh show ads over “slut” remark

* Limbaugh calls college student a “slut” for advocating contraception



  1. Mrs N Gibson said:

    Rush Limbaugh is a national disgrace. And any advertiser who supports him becomes part of his filth and bigotry.

  2. Can we survive with civil discourse?
    Friday, 02 March 2012 11:02 | | |
    If there could be any better evidence that civil discourse has broken down, it’s Rush Limbaugh’s shows Wednesday and Thursday in which he called a woman advocating for birth control coverage at Georgetown University a “prostitute.”

    Andrew Breibart’s death also pointed to the rise of propaganda’s role in the United States’ civic discourse. Breibart was a conservative blogger but he was not, as some have described him, a journalist because his reporting wasn’t honest. Not that Briebart and Limbaugh are the only the examples of the propaganda techniques that Joseph Goebbels made famous; Glenn Beck, Michael Savage and others have used those techniques as well, but Limbaugh is the veteran and the master of this domain. He has been going this since the 1980s.

    Limbaugh’s masterful propaganda has led to the negative stereotyping of the mainstream media, progressive community, women’s rights and other “conservative” causes, with the greatest damage to the mainstream media. He unrelenting attacks on The New York Times and other media have hurt the Times’ credibility, although the Times didn’t help itself with the Jayson Blair scandal — the reporter who fabricated sources and stories. Nor have the obscene executive salaries and the corporatization of the media. Nevertheless, Limbaugh’s work at “discrediting” the major news sources made it much harder to agree on facts before debating public policy or arguing opinions. Give the devil his due. He contributed more than any of the other propagandists to the rise of the Tea Party, the radical right wing and its capture of what was a respectable Republican Party.

    Even in Amarillo, we see the degraded discourse. It’s prominent on Facebook (where on poster continues to refer to Muslims as cockroaches) and on the Amarillo Globe-News’ website. Occasionally that kind of discourse crops up on the Indy website.

    What is the lesson here?

    What Limbaugh and the others have demonstrated is that negativity, lies and outrageous claims that inflame the public are effective methods of propaganda. It seems that countering Limbaugh and his ilk with civil discourse with which most of the progressive and moderate communities have responded doesn’t work. In a battle for the heart and minds of the American people, maybe it is time to become less civil and to start using the techniques of those who would perpetuate a society they envision.

    It would be a sad day to have to do so.