‘There is no comment’

Patch communications vice president Janine Iamunno scolded me a bit last week for not contacting her office before posting the “Patch president” vs. Main Street Connect founder spat at Business Insider, so I wanted to make sure I got in touch with her before posting the new Pando Report about AOL/Patch reportedly laying off hundreds of employees next week.

I got this auto-response from Iamunno: “I’m out of the office but if you are a Patcher or a reporter with an urgent inquiry, please contact Joe Wiggins. Otherwise, I will respond on Monday. Thank you, and go Patch!”

I then emailed Wiggins and got this reply: “There is no comment.”

Well, I tried.

* Source: AOL planning to lay off hundreds next week
* Earlier: “There are no layoffs planned,” says Patch spokesperson



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  1. Dave Barnes said:

    “There is no comment.” which is code for “How the Hell did this leak out? We wanted to surprise our soon-to-be-shitcanned employees.”