TV station’s tweet too racy?

John Hambrick of The Digital Texan spotted this Saturday morning tweet from Austin’s Fox affiliate, and the response from one @FoxAustin follower. (The station’s tweet was deleted after I posted this.) “Porn on the web is nothing new or novel,” notes Hambrick. “It flows like water. Celebrity sex videos are passe in the web world. But the tweet begs the question, how low will local TV news go to attract viewers?”

I’ve asked Michael Spurlin, who handles the station’s Twitter feed, to comment on the tweet and reaction to it. I’ll post his response to my email when/if it comes in. (The person who answered the Fox 7 newsroom phone early Saturday afternoon said he wasn’t familiar with the tweet, didn’t use Twitter, and nobody was around to answer my questions.)

* Austin’s Fox 7 uses teen porn to entice people to watch the news