Afternoon report

* Philadelphia Media Network tells security not to let WHYY reporter in the building. (
* Will Washington Post sportwriters be reprimanded for their remarks on Twitter? (Washington City Paper)
* “50 terrific Twitter chats for journalism students” (
* SouthComm acquires Cincy CityBeat, says it’s now nation’s #2 alt-weeklies chain. (Nashville Post)
* Ex-Enron board member Herbert Winokur steps down from CJR board, ends funding of The Audit. (Capital New York)
* Newspaper Association of America calls on FCC to end three-decade ban on newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership. (
* U-T San Diego’s new owner shows interest in Orange County Register (Voice of San Diego)
* Associated Press updates app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. (



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  1. Nancy Imperiale said:

    I started to read Terrific Twitter Chats for Twits…I mean journalists….but couldn’t get past this first sentence:

    “The web has become the place where a large number of people go to get their news, and with good reason. It’s always on, numerous viewpoints are represented, and anyone can contribute….”

    Did someone born circa 1950 write this? A “large number of people” choose to get their news off the “web”? Stop the presses!