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Arthur G. Sulzberger/Providence Phoenix

* NYT’s Arthur G. Sulzberger – the publisher’s son – is leaving Kansas City to work on the Metro desk. (Gawker)
* This 2006 profile of young Sulzberger is the best that’s been published. (Providence Phoenix)
* Three more key reporters leave Poynter’s Tampa Bay Times. (
* Atlanta Journal-Constitution names new publisher. (Creative Loafing)
* Owner of Texas Monthly, Los Angeles Magazine & other media properties fights to keep stock listed on Nasdaq. (Indianapolis Star)
* “Some very personal examples of how social media have helped me.” (PBS MediaShift)
* Brandeis j-prof fired after being found drunk in her car. (Brandeis Justice)



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  1. anon said:

    The Brandeis item on Pippin Ross deserves a whole post of its own.

    According to the kicker, adjunct faculty, including adjunct journalism faculty, are tenth-class citizens.

    Also, do hiring managers put thought into their hires? Nope. They are flying by the seat of their pants. When they’re in a pinch, they will hire via phone interview. And who cares? After all, it is a temporary, non-staff adjunct position.

    There are so many layers here. Education, journalism, employment law, health.

    From the story:

    Ross, who was hired this semester to take over the Journalism 15A “Writing for Broadcast Media Journalism” course, a requirement for the Journalism minor, was an emergency hire, according to chair of the Journalism program Prof. Maura Jane Farrelly (AMST). Ross filled the position left vacant by Margo Melnicove, who had previously taught the class for 14 years but had to be replaced due to a medical emergency in her family.

    According to Farrelly, Ross was hired after Farrelly listened to Ross’ work on the National Public Radio website and contacted her for two phone interviews over the winter break.