Daily Archives: March 6, 2012

Dear Twitter: When a well-known person dies, how about taking him or her off your “Who to Follow” suggestion list? I suspect that’s fairly easy to do.

-- From my Twitter page on March 6

Journalist David F. Carr tells Romenesko readers about sharing his name with the New York Times media writer:

I first heard of this other journalist sharing my name when I was working for Internet World, which had changed hands from Mecklermedia to Penton and I believe he wrote something critical about Penton’s operations. I had to scramble to explain that it wasn’t me, writing critiques about my employer in my spare time.

As someone who works in the technology trade press, covering the Internet, I have just enough overlap with the other Carr’s beat covering media (and often the impact of the Internet) to cause confusion. It came up occasionally when I was working for Ziff Davis’s Baseline Magazine, but the mixups seem to be more frequent lately. When I was started writing for a few years ago, one of the PR agencies put out an internal broadcast to their reps saying that David Carr had just moved from the New York Times to Forbes.

I do often get congratulated on his articles. I wonder if he ever gets people wondering why he has started writing about enterprise collaboration software.

I had no idea how common my name was, until recently – my wife was the one who convinced me to use my middle initial saying I might need it to distinguish myself someday. Now it’s the only thing that is different between our bylines (he doesn’t use a middle initial).

I initially thought it helped more than hurt to be confused with a New York Times writer. Then I found out about his adventures with drug abuse and alcohol, as chronicled in Night of the Gun, and I wasn’t so sure. When I got around to reading the book, I was impressed by it as a brave work of autobiography. It’s a great story. It’s just not my story.

The other Chris Jones is Chicago Tribune chief theater critic