Today’s best Reddit thread (IMHO)

“My grandfather has a list of every book he has read. He’s currently on his 6070th.” || Don’t miss the comments.

He was a doctor on the Manhattan Project; he was in charge of chasing around the physicists and monitoring their radiation levels. He got to personally witness some 7 or 8 atomic explosions.

After the war he became the doctor on a Reservation in Montana. He and my Grandma lived there for 20 years and had 17 children. That is not a typo. My mom is number 14. He eventually retired and bought a farm in eastern Washington; up until his 80s he was still chopping firewood to burn in his wood heated house. He converted the barn into a library of nearly 90,000 books – complete with a letterpress. As a kid I used to make newsletters and stuff on that old press.

Him and Grandma moved to Spokane a few years ago cause, well, it’s hard to live by yourself on a farm at age 90. Grandma just died a few months ago, but Grandpa is still doing just fine. When I asked how he feels about her being gone he said, “I miss her, but at least I’ve still got my books.” || Read the post and responses here.