Bloomberg News fires William Ahearn

Multiple tipsters report that Bloomberg News has fired Finance Team editor William Ahearn. “As an editor and newsroom manager, Bill is right up there with Abe Rosenthal, Paul Steiger, Harold Hayes and the other greats of our profession,” says one Bloomberg veteran, adding that the dismissal has “shocked and saddened Bloomberg bureaus around the world.” (I’m hoping to to hear back from Bloomberg spokesman Ty Trippet.)

UPDATE FROM TRIPPET: “Bill has left the company and we wish him the best.”

Ahearn was the editor of former Bloomberg News senior writer A. Craig Copetas, and the editor who was managing Copetas’s investigation into torture and fiscal corruption in the United Arab Emirates. Bloomberg recently fired Copetas, who was based in Paris. A source told me last month:

Copetas angered the local Bloomberg bosses in the emirate – anxious to keep the peace with the many millionaire Bloomberg customers there – by seeking to uncover tales of human rights abuses, including alleged police torture with the complicity of a member of the royal family, and persecution of foreign businessmen.

Ahearn was executive editor at the Associated Press before joining Bloomberg a dozen years ago. It’s tough getting details about his Bloomberg dismissal — I’m still trying — because “the fear inside [the newsroom] is toxic.” Send anonymous tips to jim@jimromenesko.

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  1. The Human said:

    I had to interview with Bill before I joined Bloomberg some years ago–back then he was one of Winkler’s top guys. I can’t remember if it was him or McCorry who said that if I was ultimately offered a job at Bloomberg and refused it, then I would be forever banned from applying again. Nice.

  2. Citoyen said:

    Bloomberg’s big inherent conflict of interest has been the worry that tough reporting would lead to loss of terminal customers. That’s why it has had to tread gingerly in places like Singapore and the Middle East. No doubt Copetas’s reporting threatened Bloomberg’s terminal business in Dubai.

  3. Rugby League said:

    Citoyen is correct. I was BBN editor in London and on daily basis watched or was ordered to participate in altering quotes and changing copy to assuage terminal clients and exercise your precious 1st amendment to “legally” manipulate coverage on behalf of a client’s interest or to attract a new client. News staff under instructions to work with BLP sales division to convince the individuals and companies they cover to buy a terminal. Reporters receive a bonus if successful. BN excels in conflicts of interest, but the business model is profitable.

  4. wubbly said:

    Not as profitable as the Bloomy machines. I don’t know why Hizzona wants to participate in the news business anyway, especially if it any way threatens his terminal business. Those dang machines are a gold mine. Come to think of it — everyone should get out of the news business. But I guess that decision is being made for you.