Answer my email, or else….

Daily Caller reporter’s email:

From: Matthew Boyle
To: [Democratic National Committee Communications Director] Brad Woodhouse


I’m giving you until 10 a.m. tomorrow to answer this question, then I’m reporting Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not supporting Holder.

Does Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz still have confidence in Holder after Fast and Furious?

Matthew Boyle
Reporter, The Daily Caller

My tipster writes in an email: “I may not be familiar with all news-gathering traditions, but I don’t recall attempted blackmail being taught at most J-schools.”

I’ve invited Boyle and Woodhouse to comment.

Update —
Woodhouse writes: “This blackmail from the Daily Caller is beyond the pale. The Chair’s support for Eric Holder is complete and unwavering – we ignore dozens of media inquiries all the time for a host of reasons – time, importance, slant of the outlet (I.e. Daily Caller). It doesn’t mean an outlet can make up our position for their own ends or try to blackmail us into an answer.”

Boyle writes: “Already gave one to Ben Smith: [Buzzfeed link].”